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Adrian “Down Under” !
Subterranean experience in the Compass Salt Mines at Winsford, Cheshire.
Shooting for Joy Global, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of mining machinery. Yes, the lighting kit went down too !

In December 2017 Adrian Waine won the best professional photographer award in the EEF Manufacturing Photography Competition.  The theme was “Made in Britain, Loved by the World”

The shot captures the energy of combining diamond tooling with compressed air during the cutting and shaping of marble slabs used for high value kitchen worktop.

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This is a great example of the kind of image which Adrian creates for his industrial clients.

Now, with over thirty years of industrial photography under his belt, The aim is to work with organisations who consider imagery an essential part of their business and aim to use great photography as a means of magnifying their reputation and using it towards the winning of future business.

Having joined Saudi ARAMCO in the 1980’s as staff photographer, Adrian experienced his fair share of industrial plants and refineries throughout the Kingdom.  This knowledge became a door opener with companies closer to home who recognised the challenges of working in The Middle East.

He’s subsequently received commissions from global organisations including Bodycote, DuPont, Air Products and Rolls-Royce Industrial Power each of which has used his images across the world to generate new attention.

Striking photographs with great lighting and a sense of drama for glossy publications, exhibitions and the web will make a major contribution to enhancing your image and provoke attention potentially all over the world.


Commissioning photography is easy :

  • Call 0151 356 3866 to discuss your project
  • We’ll arrange a site visit and collaborate on a shot list
  • Agree on a price
  • Set a date for the shoot

Deliver a result which will provide you and your brand with a competitive advantage and grow your sales.

What we can do for you

High quality, professional photographs are a valuable investment. Sensational images can be used in a multitude of locations such as newsletters, flyers, brochures, annual reports and more. The following publications highlight the range of business photographs supplied by Photography For Industry.


Studio set ups

There’s no substitute for lighting skills and effects immediately transform a subject on site. Working situations can be greatly enhanced by the use of dramatic lighting. In normal circumstances, factory lighting contributes nothing to the creation of a glamorous image and it is necessary to build a lighting arrangement to suit the subject. The following images show the impact lighting can have.
Bodycote Lighting Shots
Location: Bodycote oil and gas show stand, Houston, USA. Dramatic lighting has accentuated the twists and curves in this polished metallic component.


Whilst shooting in this metal treatments facility, the client requested both versions – white light in addition to the coloured effects. The striking result illustrates an almost theatrical sensation – adding a sense of excitement and fascination. For corporate publications or a backdrop to an exhibition stand, this is how to provoke attention!
Location: The Metal Improvement Company, Sweden


The most mundane of subjects can often be arranged on location with coloured cards or a sheet of glass. Here, this silica desiccant sits on a reflective backdrop and with the help of a coloured gel, a ‘Front Cover’ is achieved.  Ideal for a trade journal or a display within a boardroom.  Suddenly those tiny pellets don’t look quite so boring any more!

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