Commissioning Clients

The following companies are all reaping the benefits of commissioning Photography For Industry to succeed in their marketing endeavors. Click on any of the logos below !
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    Less Common Metals

    Chris Hall, Commercial & Technical Director:

    An outstanding quality of work and a Jolly Good Chap ! The canvas prints are excellent quality.


    Location: Less Common Metals, Ellesmere Port.



    Thyson Technology

    Testimonial from Pete Elliot, Commercial Engineering Manager:

    “Adrian Conducted himself with Professional Excellence. A Great Shoot was performed culminating with a superb array of quality images being delivered for use within Thyson Marketing Material, Company Presentations and website. The Photographs delivered clearly detail the depth of experience Adrian and his company “Photography for Industry” have managed to attain. We can now finally present pictures which capture the quality of the products/assemblies we deliver, these photographs give our completed engineered projects the merits they deserve.
    A personal speedy efficient service performed with a high level of commitment coupled with a real desire to produce the best possible images for our company. I would recommend Adrian and his company“Photography for Industry” to any company seeking to promote and advertise their industrial engineering aspects. We look forward to using “Photography for Industry” in the near future.”


    Location: Thyson Technology, Ellesmere Port.



    Testimonial from Dr Mark Pemberton, Managing Director:

    “Our company provides Safety Data Sheet compilation Services and Software to the chemicals’ related industry. We operate in a highly competitive market and the use of high quality imagery to catch the attention of our target audience is a key element in our successful marketing strategy. Adrian Waine has captured in his photographs our core principles of quality and professionalism but has gone beyond this by being able to reflect the energy and vitalism that epitomises leading edge technology. We have received very positive feedback on our new exhibition material and are definitely seeing more traffic to the stand. We have great hopes for the new website that will showcase Adrian’s work alongside our products.”


    Joy Global

    Testimonial from Craig Kirby, Marketing Services Manager:

    “We commissioned Adrian to undertake a photo shoot to capture our machinery operating at an underground mine located in the North West of England. Adrian was very professional throughout the days shoot and communication was excellent. We were very pleased with the quality of the photos and it has allowed us to utilise them within our marketing materials.”

    Location: Winsford Salt Mines, Cheshire with Joy Global.


    CF Fertilisers UK Limited

    Testimonial from Nicola Cornish, Marketing Coordinator:

    “We required some new, fresh updated photography of our manufacturing site. With a 24/7 process and a mix of location and environment, this project provided some challenges in order to get the lighting and weather just right and give us the best image to accurately portray our message of quality and safety. Adrian proved to be the man for the job and he worked closely with our site management team to produce a set of images that exceeded our expectations, on time and on budget.”
    CF Fertilisers UK Limited fertilizer NPK compressor liquid nitrogen manufacturing conveyor belt True Granular Compound NITRAM DOUBLETOP farming chemicals process plant ammonia safety


    Location: CF Fertilisers UK Limited, Elton Cheshire.


    Check Servicescheck serives pest control services birds and insect proofing heat treatment Fumigation rodent control  gutteridge

    Testimonial from Richard White, Service Manager:

    “It was a great pleasure to work with Adrian. He is extremely professional with a keen attention to detail, taking all the time needed to ensure that his shots are perfect. He is prepared to get stuck in, our first days shooting took 15 hours of non-stop work and we were thrilled with the results. Adrian’s photography has transformed our website.”

    Location: Check Services, bakeries in Northampton and Manchester.





    Glow newmedia

    Testimonial from Phil Blything, Director:

    “Adrian is a true professional. For industrial photography, he’s second to none. Often, industrial situations are dirty, unglamorous and not necessarily interesting to the lay person – Adrian has a knack for getting the shot which makes that look hi-tech, shiny new and interesting.”

    Atlantic Steel WIMO Abus coil decoiling steel plate shipping crane freight processing laser and plasma flatness controls

    Location: Atlantic Steel, Birkenhead.


    Sandon Global

    Testimonial from John Millington, Managing Director:

    “Sandon Global is a market leading anilox manufacturer supplying the highest quality new and refurbished anilox and gravure cylinders to the print industry world-wide. As our company has expanded internationally, premium quality photography has increasingly become an integral part of our marketing strategy. When language can sometimes be a barrier, a high quality image cannot be misunderstood and this is why using a professional photographer, Adrian Waine, is an essential part of conveying the quality of our company and products alike.

    Adrian’s images take centre stage in our company literature, presentations and stand displays at international exhibitions. In a visual culture and busy market place we are always proud to be represented by Adrian’s strong and immaculate imagery. Adrian’s attention to detail is second to none and we have no doubt that his suite of photographs have enabled us to convey the strength of our brand and to both raise our profile as a company and create new business opportunities.

    For Sandon Global using a professional photographer such as Adrian Waine had the distinct advantage of drawing on an inspirational skill and vision that have captured our products and business in a visually exciting way, something that a non professional could never hope to achieve.”