Flashback With Photography For Industry
2015 sees photographer Adrian Waine achieving 20 years of shooting spectacular images in dirty, dusty, oily and noisy environments. Having torn the knees out of numerous boiler suits and seen all kinds of curious locations, it’s time to highlight a few of the most recent projects and demonstrate that there’s more to photography than pretty pictures! They are real images which work very effectively as a prominent marketing tool.
Support For British Business
Industrial photographer Adrian Waine has been joined for the summer by Daniel Doughty, a 3rd year student of Computer Science from Lancaster University.
The aim is to generate new business by promoting the theme of ‘British Brilliance’.
Dan demonstrated his keenness for an internship during the University careers fair held earlier in the year. The emphasis will be on ‘Quality’ and the value it can add to any organisation.
This project will concentrate on the extra business which can be created by driving standards upwards and using great photography within a sector specific marketplace.

Hankinson Work Celebrated On A Stamp!

Ten years ago, The Hankinson Group commissioned Photography For Industry to capture some of the refurbishment stages of the Menai  Bridge crossing.
It was the first project which Hankinsons engaged Photography For Industry on and certainly one where a head for heights was top of the agenda.
Other prestigious locations have since followed including the gold leafing of St George’s Hall (yes, up in the roof dome!), Liverpool’s arena and a variety of bridges spanning the M6 & M5 motorways.

First Class!
More Bright Lights at LML!
Laser Micro Machining provides high-precision laser manufacturing services to industry from their laboratories in North Wales.  
Having been commissioned during 2014 to create a range of showcase images for use at a major Birmingham trade show, Adrian recently completed another set of sparkling shots which compliment their high tech services.   Since LML is a small business, the more mileage they have from their images the better. Illustrating their capabilities to a widening potential client base at a very acceptable cost.  At around £700 for a day’s shoot, the tools to help win new business are well within reach.
Hence, another example of a small company investing in top notch photography for long term results.
STOP! Danger Ahead!
Safety on industrial sites is always top of the list. GrowHow has a vehicle safety team who are responsible for the recent visual awareness campaign headed up by Dave Phelan, Site Section Manager.
With the trucks beaming their blue lights, it was key to enforce that these are potentially hazardous areas and being continuously bright eyed and vigilant is key to remaining safe.  
Visual methods of communication have to be immediate and obvious to overseas drivers.  GrowHow have now mounted a dozen of these signs around the site.  At 4m x 2m nobody can miss them!
Adrian Ventures Down Under 
In autumn 2014 Joy Global commissioned me to photograph their continuous miner being assembled in the mines of Cheshire’s underground.  
My task was to create a set of sparkling images to highlight this activity on exhibition stands around the world. 
After several hours underground, I contemplated many of the fascinating locations this job has invited me into.  Underneath supertankers in Bahrain’s dry dock and  climbing inside million barrel oil tanks in Saudi Arabia. 
It left me with an appetite for all things which sparkle in the dark....... and my 2015 started with a bang when Joy’s calendar hit my doormat. 

Sandon Global Launch Storage Carousels
Photography for Industry was yet again called upon to help promote these products into both new and existing markets.  Building a portable studio in the centre of the warehouse was the answer to shooting these units on site. Armed with reams of white background paper and running a multitude of flash units with studio quality kit, just about anything is possible. Sandon  always invests in quality photography which reflects the calibre of their own business and targets the top users in the printing industry.
Top of the Bill!
Thyson Technology is a specialist analytical instrumentation engineering business working from a base in Ellesmere Port.  Photography for Industry began working with Thyson in early 2014 with the aim of raising visibility within the oil, gas and process industries.  Glittering Thyson imagery is currently adding the Midas Touch to front covers of trade journals - Elements and Recycling & Waste World.  Both are glossies aimed at turning heads within industrial sectors.  Another prime example of how great imagery is being used as a purposeful marketing tool.
Supporting the Brilliance of British Industry - Are you Ready to Impress?
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