Photography for Industry is the work of Adrian Waine, an industrial photographer based in Cheshire. Adrian spent a number of years as staff photographer in Dhahran with Saudi ARAMCO and has used his foreign and industrial knowledge to develop his own clientele across the UK. With 39 years under his belt, he’s worked in hundreds of factories and process plants. The underlying purpose of his photography is to Support British Business.


mouldings, seals, rubber profiles

What Can Photography for Industry Do for You?

Photography for Industry creates and provides high quality Still Images for commercial & business applications. You, as an industrial client, can be assured that our imagery will represent your business in a visually striking fashion which will serve you admirably, either in an overseas exhibition or in literature published for the home market. Visually strong images are a tool to stimulate and impress your audience. They are an investment in your organisation and most importantly, they support your business.

How I Work

The aim is to transform everyday working situations into striking, provocative images which generate attention. These photographs are designed to stimulate interest and influence people to make decisions. Firstly, it is important to “get under the skin” of your business and understand what it does, who the customers are, where your target market lies and how it can be coaxed by persuasive photographs. Hence, WHO, WHAT HOW, are what we need to find out. Who are you aiming at? What is your message? How are we going to achieve this? By answering these questions, we shall form a plan in the form of visuals which will aim to address these key points.

IB Stock Brick, brick manufacturing

Switchgear, plant room, photography of electrical installation

Who I Work With

Photography for Industry accepts commissions primarily from industrial organisations. These range from SME’s employing ten people, to international organisations who have a presence on every continent. Either launching a new product to the home market or highlighting a multi million dollar expansion or contract to feature in your annual report, you require powerful photographs which will have influence in your market sector and reveal a positive impression of your organisation.

Photography for Industry – Shooting on Location

What does a real Industrial Photography shoot look like? Here’s a short introduction from Adrian, outlining some of the practical considerations and featuring a diverse range of industrial locations.

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