ITAC Adhesives

ITAC are adhesive manufacturers, specialising in developing high performance solvent based coatings and glues for over a hundred years.

As a new member of Chemicals North West, we aimed to expand our networking and as a result, industrial photographer Adrian Waine approached us about the need for new imagery. This was on our agenda as we particularly wanted to replace many of the existing web stock images to include our own staff and to demonstrate our manufacturing and formulation capabilities.

Following a couple of extensive consultations where Adrian came over to see us and to gain a feel for our manufacturing processes, it was useful for us to find out what was required to generate a set of new photographs which would help us in our marketing over the next few years.  We were keen to include our brand colours and logo which could be introduced where possible.

We set about arranging several shooting sessions where: a) abstract images would be created using a selection of our raw materials b) real working shots involving equipment and staff would be set up and arranged in our factory and laboratory. ITAC’s main manufacturing site is an ATEX zone and all activity needs to be DSEAR (Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations) compliant.  A work permit was issued prior to commencing any photography work to ensure risk of fire or explosion was eliminated or controlled. Portable ATEX gas detectors were also provided to carry in person as work was undertaken - all very necessary on a site having a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Following the various shoots, David Darbyshire - Clarke, Marketing Manager for ITAC expressed his impression upon viewing the images for the first time:-

"I’ve got to say you’ve bowled me over!  These are all simply brilliant… and how you have made a simple object like an umbrella reflect our brand image and identity like that is incredible".

"Excited to see what you produce next!  I’ll share again with the team tomorrow".

"I think they look fantastic.  It will be interesting to see all the photos when they come through so we can get the balance right with the blue and orange".

David Darbyshire-Clarke
Marketing Manager


Coral Products

Coral Products PLC are a manufacturer and distributor of plastic injection, extruded and blow moulded products, into a diverse range of sectors. Including recycling, food waste, food packaging, personal care, household, healthcare, telecoms and rail. Coral Products are an SME.

The moulding and blow moulding facility and newly opened plastics recycling plant are based at Haydock, Merseyside.

"In 2018, Photography for Industry began working with me, a freelance marketing consultant on a long term marketing plan. I aimed to expose Coral Products PLC to a broader range of markets with the intention of emphasising the skills & capabilities of the company, thereby increasing turnover.

I decided that high quality photography should be a priority. With an ongoing requirement to support articles and features for Social Media, LinkedIn, trade exhibitions, editorials, stand design, promotional literature, PR, Powerpoint presentations and publications."

Photography for Industry was selected to work on this commission.

Subjects that required photography have included:- People working in factory situations, injection moulding and blow moulding machinery, headshots, finished products & buildings.

Choosing the right photographer for this ongoing strategy was key, working in a busy factory environment required industrial knowledge, the ability to work safely, and achieve the required standard of image without disruption to the working day.

After 18 months on the project, photography sessions have taken place regularly, meeting the needs of the business and Emma's VSMM strategy for product promotion and release.

Photography has taken place at weekends when the manufacturing capabilities are quieter. A night shoot was favourable for some imagery to gain the best light to create the perfect image, and Adrian managed this with ease and no complaint.

The project has involved working with all of the onsite staff, ensuring a shoot schedule was established, enabling regular operations of the factory not to be disrupted.

On several occasions a ‘studio space’ has been created in the warehouse. As a means of photographing products - recycling bins, buckets and caddies. Temporary paper backdrops and flash lighting have all contributed to creating promotional imagery.

In conclusion, "I continue to contract Adrian for other businesses and projects due to the standard and professionalism of his work and ethos, the images are consistently utilised and will continue to be used within exhibitions, PR and editorials.”

Emma Varney-Long
Marketing for Manufacturing
Virtual Social Media Marketing
Tel 01237 431728

Sandon Global

Sandon Global is a market leading anilox manufacturer supplying the highest quality new and refurbished anilox and gravure cylinders to the print industry world-wide. As our company has expanded internationally, premium quality photography has increasingly become an integral part of our marketing strategy. When language can sometimes be a barrier, a high quality image cannot be misunderstood and this is why using a professional photographer, Adrian Waine, is an essential part of conveying the quality of our company and products alike.

Adrian’s images take centre stage in our company literature, presentations and stand displays at international exhibitions. In a visual culture and busy market place we are always proud to be represented by Adrian’s strong and immaculate imagery. Adrian’s attention to detail is second to none and we have no doubt that his suite of photographs have enabled us to convey the strength of our brand and to both raise our profile as a company and create new business opportunities.

For Sandon Global using a professional photographer such as Adrian Waine had the distinct advantage of drawing on an inspirational skill and vision that have captured our products and business in a visually exciting way, something that a non professional could never hope to achieve.

John Millington
Managing Director


We required some new, fresh updated photography of our manufacturing site. With a 24/7 process and a mix of location and environment, this project provided some challenges in order to get the lighting and weather just right and give us the best image to accurately portray our message of quality and safety. Adrian proved to be the man for the job and he worked closely with our site management team to produce a set of images that exceeded our expectations, on time and on budget.

GrowHow has rebranded and is now trading as CF Fertilisers UK Ltd.

Nicola Cornish
Marketing Coordinator

Suttons Group

Suttons Group is an international logistics company with assets, depots and offices across the globe; The Group engaged in a major rebrand in 2018, the thought behind the rebrand was to show the progression of the company into the modern digital era, the phrase used during the process was “evolution rather than revolution”.

It was crucial for the marketing department to update the imagery bank of Suttons assets as quickly as possible following the rebrand while also respecting the heritage of the company, in line with the spirit of the rebrand.

Working closely with Adrian we were able to capture timeless photography that pays tribute to the history of the company while showcasing the modern and clean branding across the entire Suttons network.

Throughout the process, Adrian brought to the table a wealth of expertise, knowledge and creative vision that undoubtedly shine though in the finished photography and reflects his status as an industry veteran. Working with Adrian was a great experience from beginning to end.

Duncan Mitchell
Marketing Assistant