Adrian Waine

Photography for Industry creates and provides high quality Still Images for commercial & business applications. You, as an industrial client, can be assured that our imagery will represent your business in a visually striking fashion which will serve you admirably, either in an overseas exhibition or in literature published for the home market. Visually strong images are a tool to stimulate and impress your audience. They are an investment in your organisation and most importantly, they represent you accurately and professionally and support your business.

Product Shots

So many everyday products are supplied in bottles or jars and simple containers. Metallic or plastic components are usually made in their hundreds of thousands, perhaps not overly exciting to look at, but vital to so many applications and supply chains. Manufacturers need to sell them and illustrate their ability to make and supply them in large numbers. Hence, photographs of simple items which radiate an element of “sparkle” can attract purchasers and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Photography is the essential sales tool.

This arrangement demonstrates large soft lights illuminating a range of bottles. The perfect product shot can be created by adding a glass base for reflections and a complimentary coloured backdrop. Typical shots can be achieved in an office space without the need to remove products from site. Hence transporting goods to and from an external studio can be avoided, reducing costs and avoiding breakages.

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Improvisation in the Workplace

Many companies have a multitude of operations taking place under one roof. This is particularly the case for manufacturers where a product moves around a facility until completion. Staging some of the procedures is very common which can mean taking the subject to a part of the workshop where there’s enough space for a table top set up. This usually means avoiding some of the hazards in a workshop or simply finding an easier place to work and out of other people’s way !

Here's an electrical control box, taken directly from the stores. With a quick polish and an arrangement of lights and paper background, it is relatively simple to construct an image which demonstrates some of the electrical expertise offered by this company. Shots like these can be created on the client site without the need to transport goods to a studio. Hence, more can be achieved in the time frame and studio hire costs are avoided. The client gains more from his money and his employees do not have to leave the site - highly economical !

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The On Site Studio

In many cases, photography assignments must take place on site. There are many reasons, ranging from transport issues to insurance and handling. Either way, a portable studio needs to be arranged which requires a power supply and an adequate space to work. Lighting, backgrounds and technical expertise are provided by me.

A recce or a detailed conversation will determine what is available which can also help to identify backgrounds. Some workshops stock textured metal plate which is ideal for a creating a background for an array of brightly coloured plastic bottle tops.

Illustrated here, are reconditioned, high performance motorcycle parts, featuring the surface quality after the cleaning process. The components stay on site eliminating the need for insurance and damage by taking them to an outside studio. The client can view the photos immediately.

Inside the Factory

In most factories, equipment stays in position and the photographer has to move around it in order to find a convenient viewpoint and locations for lighting.

This example illustrates electronics & fabrication. The work space is generous and a paper backdrop has been included to eradicate the cluttered background. The photographer is able to concentrate on the subject and make it the centre of attention. Here, we begin with a discussion with the client to clarify the aims of the shot, what’s to be included and the direction of the activity.

Following a rehearsal and minute positioning, a working shot is accomplished. Shots like these always look more natural when people have a job to do. Here, a switch is being fitted whilst the apprentice takes a careful note of the operation. Critical attention to positioning, lighting and people is all important to create a natural effect whilst creating a high standard of photography.

Shooting on Your Site

When the shooting date arrives, this photograph illustrates perfectly what you might expect to see arriving at your site. Most clients are in awe at what can be packed into a car, but this amounts to only about half the equipment. Half a dozen Bowens power packs, a dozen extension leads, lighting stands and coloured gels. Sometimes a collection of vibrantly coloured paper backdrops but always lots of enthusiasm and 30 odd years of experience.

We will already have a plan. Usually known as a shooting list which has been worked out during our discussions with you. You may find that you have to accommodate a little disruption for the duration of the shoot, however, its all worth it because you have unique images which are yours and will not be available to other companies. Your people, your talents and your capabilities will be represented in the best possible light, so take a look at the gallery page to see examples of what’s been achieved for a long list of other companies.

Great photography takes time to plan and implement, so be prepared to polish some metal, sweep the floor and wear a branded shirt. The world might be watching you, so let’s work together and create the best images we can together!