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Several articles to date have been published, featuring the voice of Photography for Industry in conversation with clients. These views capture first hand commentary and opinions from clients who have been on the receiving end of the benefits achieved from using Adrian's photography as a promotional tool.

Anyone running a workshop, warehouse or manufacturing plant is aware that these environments can be significantly challenging in their own right. Hosting a photo shoot can be an additional task to add to the daily operational hurdles. However, as the following articles reveal, the positive gains far exceed the effort with many images being used to influence and persuade audiences for a long time to come.

Get Carter!

Carter Manufacturing is a global supplier of precision bearings supporting many critical industries. Their perspective on why stunning photographs are vital in highlighting their business across numerous industrial markets are spelled out during a recent interview with Manufacturing Update Magazine.

The effort involved in planning the industrial shoot coupled with the need for qualified staff to be involved and occasionally modelling for each shot is in every respect worth it. Having impressive, persuasive, photographs which impress and qualify their expertise in their rotating world is more than necessary… it’s essential! Quite clearly “Carter Gets It”.

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Creating Drama from Industrial Environments

Rugged industrial workplaces can be transformed from sometimes weary, scruffy and occasionally grim locations into sparkling photographs which feature the real essence of industry. There are genuine locations which desperately require makeovers, but Adrian Waine’s magical lighting reveals the true magic of industrial environments and transforms the mundane into the highly extraordinary...

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Adrian Waine Provides Maximum Exposure for Manufacturers

If marketers encourage their clients to focus on benefits over features, where do manufacturers fit in to this?

Manufacturers often struggle to find a means to market what they do in ways that will be attractive and compelling. They may feel their work is too specialised or even too matter-of-fact.

As award-winning industrial photographer, Adrian Waine, from Photography for Industry explains, this is where images can help tell the story behind a product or a process, creating a unique narrative for it, to appeal to customers.


Less Common Metals Reveals a Key to Defy Manufacturing Doubts

In times of political turmoil, investing in your business can be a tricky decision. Studies show that 64% of new businesses underestimate their costs in the first year.

This indecision also affects well-established businesses.

According to the ONS, UK business spending on ICT equipment, machinery and other tools fell by 0.5% in Q1 2019 compared to Q1 2018.

The Annual Manufacturing Report 2019 cites Brexit uncertainty and lack of faith in government policy for stalled investment. So while we’re waiting for this to blow over, how else can manufacturers stay steady?

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Manufacturers: What is the Key to Recruiting Fresh Talent?

UK manufacturers are facing a skills shortage.

Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation, has previously emphasised that the sector is struggling to find the right people with the right skills.

One of the issues is the perceptions potential employees have of manufacturing, as Adrian Waine, from Photography for Industry, points out.

“There’s a lack of technical skills among applicants because the perception among many people is that manufacturing is still about repetitive, manual tasks. What modern manufacturers need to do is more accurately convey the essence of their industry.”

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Has Picture Quality Killed Stock Photography? Interview with Adrian Waine

Businesses can no longer rely on stock photography to promote themselves. Not if they wish to be taken seriously.

This is the advice of Adrian Waine, specialist industrial photographer from Photography for Industry. He is also the winner of The Best Professional Photographer award in the EEF Manufacturing Photography Competition in 2017 and 2018.

“Look and you’ll see stock photos everywhere, and the more you recognise them, the more you realise how frequently the same images keep reoccurring. Not only this, but they are often inappropriately used.”

Stock photography is facing a threat, from the exponential rise in the quality of the photographic capability of smartphones, but, this is itself a potentially hazardous detour for businesses to take.

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Industrial Photography Reveals the Truth About Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the UK is increasingly specialised, embracing digital transformation, and cementing its position as a dynamic, forward-looking sector.

Except, that too often the news stories focus on a narrative of mass manufacturing decline, implying that the UK does not make anything anymore.

Adrian Waine, specialist industrial photographer from Photography for Industry, urges manufacturers to take steps to correct misconceptions about manufacturing.

“What is the most powerful, immediate and impactful means for today’s manufacturers to get their message across? The answer is visual.”

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Where is the Value in Effective Industrial Communication?

Take a look through any photographer’s portfolio and you’ll likely be struck by the imagery. Heart-pounding action shots, evocative close-ups and radiant colours all spring to mind.

Words are likely the last thing to crop up, and yet, they are probably the most important. Just ask Joanna Canton Long, Marketing Communications Manager at Atlas Copco.

As a manufacturer of compressed air equipment, Atlas Copco relies heavily on industry photography for its communications.

“I always like to work with a photographer who can communicate well with our customers,” says Joanna, who regularly works with Adrian Waine, founder of Photography for Industry.

Atlas Copco have been using Adrian’s services for five years now, and say it is his interaction that really sets him apart from the rest.

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